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Appodeal vs. own network accounts

There are two options available for connecting ad networks accounts: using Appodeal default account or your personal account.
Below you can find the differences between the options.

Appodeal Default Account

Appodeal default accounts are supported for all the ad networks except Admob, Amazon,Meta Audience Network, Yandex. For the given networks you will need to connect your own account.


  • Automatic setup for the best performance.

Optimal ad units configuration will be created automatically based on historical data and expertise to provide the best performance.

  • No need to set up accounts on most networks yourself.

You won't need to register all ad networks accounts and set up each of them manually. All set up will be added automatically once the network is connected.

  • Minimum manual work.

You can save a lot of the time, since almost all settings will be handled by Appodeal. You will only need to connect the networks, which require a personal account (Admob, Meta Audience Network, Yandex).

  • Support for instant withdrawal of funds for most networks directly from the Appodeal account.

All ad networks revenue comes from the Appodeal default accounts will be added on your Appodeal account balance and will be kept in one place. You can withdraw all the income instantly or receive payments on NET45 basis. Find more about payments here.


  • **It is not possible to change ad units configuration yourself. **

Configurations will be set up automatically and there will be no access to add or edit ad units, manage the settings on the networks side, set up different price floors.

  • **Specific requirements for connecting ad networks. **

Every ad network has its own requirements for automatic connection, e.g. add app store link, impressions threshold, etc. and can be found in Line Items. The restrictions applies by ad networks or Appodeal, if the setup requires given amount of traffic for better performance results. Ad network will be connected automatically after the app reaches the requirements for connecting.

Personal Ad Network Account

Personal accounts are supported for all ad networks. For Admob, Meta Audience Network, Yandex you can only connect a personal account. How to connect own account for different networks you can find in our Networks Setup guides.


  • Possibility to fully manage ad units and waterfalls.

You will be able to fully manage settings on ad networks side and set up ad units configuration or edit it based on your needs.

  • Conduct waterfall A / B tests.

You will be able to try different ad units and waterfall configurations and choose the one suits you the best.

  • Connect any network as needed.

Without waiting until app meets the requirements for automatic connection.


  • You have to withdraw funds from different ad networks

When you connect your account to Appodeal, we do not have the full access to it. We can only show the stats, not withdraw the money from your account. That's why these funds are not added to your Appodeal account balance. The revenue will be distributed between different ad networks, which have different withdrawal rules and minimum withdrawal amount. It complicates the process and increases the period of withdrawal.

  • Complicated setup

Setup can be time-consuming, not recommended for beginners and if you don't have enough resources.