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VK Ads

VK Ads is the Top 20 global advertising network.

Minimum requirements:

Make sure you haven't excluded VK Ads from Appodeal SDK. It is included by default.


For VK Ads you can use either Appodeal Default Account or you can connect your VK Ads Account to Appodeal. You can read more about these options here

Appodeal Default Account:

  • You need to fulfill the requirements, which you can find in your App Settings -> Mediation Settings -> Ad Units in your Appodeal account. 

Your VK Ads Account:

  • Complete the steps below to link your VK account

 Step 1. Prepare VK Ads Account

  1. Register in VK Ads service as a publisher or import an existing myTarget account as described here. If you already have a VK Ads account, skip this step.

The VK Ads account must be initially set as an Advertiser account. You can't change type of VK Ads account once it's created.
Please choose USD currency on VK Ads side as Appodeal uses USD currency.

  1. Add apps and ad units you want to monetize with VK Ads. Go to Apps and click the Add app button:
  1. Paste your app store URL (App Store or Google Play) and all the data such as the app icon and the app name will be automatically pulled up.

After you have added an app, you will see a gray indicator, which means that your app is under moderation. The app should be reviewed within 24 hours on business days.

  1. You can start creating your first ad units now, without waiting for the moderation to complete.

Ads will appear in your app and generate revenue only after your app passes moderation and your payment details are verified. At that point, your app will be marked as Active.

Go to Apps tab → select your app → navigate to Placements and click on Add placement.

  1. Enter the description of the ad unit, choose the required ad format, and select Direct Integration or In-App Bidding if you want to use bidding, then click Create.

An automatic CPM is set by default. You can specify the minimum eCPM cost by choosing the Manual option for CPM floor.

  1. The new block will appear in the list on the Placements tab.
  1. After the successful completion of moderation, the status of the placement will change to "Active".

  2. Select Add placement to create more for different ad types.

1.  Get Token from your VK Ads account.


VK Ads provides reporting API, which helps to get VK Ads performance data for publisher sites and apps automatically.

To obtain Reporting API access you need to get an access token:

  • Open Settings → General in VK Ads account.
  • Create new or get a current Statistics API token.
  • Copy the token.
  1. Add your VK Ads account to Appodeal. To do this follow this link → go to VK Ads → Link your account and add email for VK Ads account and Statistics API token.

 Step 3. Create Ad Units For Your App

  1. Go to Ad Units in your app settings.

You need the following information to link your app and ad unit:

  • App ID
  • Placement ID

You can find all that info on the AppsPlacements tab in your VK Ads account.

  1. Choose your VK Ads account, fill in the App ID and press the Add Ad Unit button.

  2. Fill in the following information:

  • Ad Unit label (a name for your ad unit in Appodeal dashboard)
  • Countries
  • eCPM (ad unit's position in the waterfall, if you have set eCPM on VK side then enter it here or leave 0)
  • Placement ID

Please check the currency of VK CPM floor and set it to USD as Appodeal uses USD currency.

  1. Make sure to choose the correct mode. If you have bidding mode on VK Ads side then turn on the toggle to use bidding.

  2. After creating the ad unit, press Create.


Make sure that the newly created ad unit is marked as enabled (the toggle is on “ON”).

 Step 4. How To Receive Live Ads


VK Ads serves ads only to users in Russia and the CIS. 

  1. Make sure your app has been moderated, the status next to your app should be green
  2. Make sure to fill out the payment details.
  3. Make sure you have selected the correct type of integration:
    • Direct Integration - for classic mode
    • In-App Bidding - for bidding mode
  4. Then you can launch your published application and try to show VK ads.

 Step 5. Update App-ads.txt File


Be sure to set up app-ads.txt to help bidders and advertisers identify whether or not ad inventory is being sold by authorized sellers.

  1. If you implemented the app-ads.txt file, you should add the VK Ads account line. To get one, read the official documentation and copy the strings from your Account Settings → General.
  1. After you have copied the lines from VK Ads, you need to insert them after the last line in our app-ads.txt file.

  2. Save changes and wait at least 24 hours for ad networks to crawl and verify your app-ads.txt file.

Now you can monetize with VK Ads through Appodeal.