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Dynamic ad network for mobile apps & games with all kinds of ad types.

Highly recommended integration for those interested in increasing fill rates on worldwide markets.

Minimum requirements:

Make sure you haven't excluded AdMob from Appodeal SDK. It is included by default.


For AdMob, you can use only your AdMob Account. You can read more about Network Accounts here.

To connect your AdMob account to Appodeal, follow the steps below.

 Step 1. Prepare AdMob account

Register your AdMob account with your email or create a new one

You will need to confirm your account and fill in the payment information. Details can be found here.

 Step 2. Link your AdMob Account with Appodeal

  1. Open Mediation Ad Networks page on Appodeal.

  2. Click on the AdMob.

  3. Select Sign in with Google or Link your account.

  4. Follow Google authorization flow.

 Step 3. AdMob Sync

To simplify the work of creating the applications on the AdMob side, we have prepared an application for synchronization. The application will complete all necessary steps for the correct operation of AdMob with Appodeal.

You can learn more about AdMob Sync app here.

  1. Follow this link to download the application. We support Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

  2. Go to your Downloads folder and install the AdMob Sync application.


To prepare your apps for synchronizing with the AdMob account, please make sure that you have chosen the current AdMob account for each type of ad in these apps.

**Sync AdMob account: **

  1. Run the application.

  2. Use your Appodeal account credentials to sign in.


If you have used Google Sign-in option to sign in, then you need to create a password for your Appodeal account by going to Appodeal Account → Account Settings and confirm it via email.

  1. Add your AdMob account. To add a new AdMob account, press the + button and you will be redirected to the AdMob account page. Press Link your account and follow instructions.

  2. After you have made all settings in your Appodeal account, go to the AdMob Sync app and press Run Sync.

Step 4. Create Line Items For Your App Manually (Optional)


We recommend following Step 3 from this guide and letting our Admob sync app create the ad units both on AdMob and Appodeal side to reach better results. The AdMob Sync application will allow Appodeal to access your AdMob reports over API and will create new ad units on AdMob and submit them to Appodeal. You can check the code of the application here. AdMob Sync app is open source under MIT license.

If you want to create your AdMob blocks manually, please follow the next steps.

  1. Go to your AdMob account → Select your App Settings and copy your AdMob app ID part after ~ as shown below and save it for future steps:
  1. Go to the ad units section and create ad units for your app. After successful creation, copy your ad unit ID and save it for future steps.
  1. Go to your Appodeal account →  app settings → Mediation Settings → Line Items →  select your AdMob account for the needed ad types and insert previously copied AdMob App ID in the corresponding field below.
  1. Then press Add Line Item button and insert your ad unit name from AdMob in the Line Item Label field and the previously copied ad unit ID in the Code field.
    Repeat these steps for all of your ad units created on the AdMob side.

 Step 5. Update the Project


Add <meta-data\> tag to the AndroidManifest file.

<!-- Add your AdMob App ID -->
<meta-data android:name="" android:value="[ADMOB_APP_ID]"/>


  1. In the info.plist file add GADApplicationIdentifier key.
  2. Add identifier's String value.
  3. Copy the code below:

 Step 6. Update App-ads.txt file


Be sure to set up app-ads.txt to help bidders and advertisers identify whether or not ad inventory is being sold by authorized sellers.

  1. After copying App-ads.txt from this page, you need to replace the existing line under the comment "#Replace the Publisher ID below with your AdMob Publisher ID" with your unique AdMob app-ads string or simply replace the Publisher ID with yours from the top right corner(press your account icon).

  2. To get AdMob app-ads string, open your AdMob account -> View all apps -> Click App-ads.txt at the top part of the page and click the blue button "How to set up app-ads.txt" , then copy the AdMob string and paste it instead of the mentioned above string in the generated by Appodeal file.

  3. Save changes and wait at least 24 hours for ad networks to crawl and verify your app-ads.txt file. Make sure you have added the app-ads.txt file to the correct path as written in this guide.

Now you can monetize with AdMob through Appodeal.