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Suitable for apps approved by Amazon ad network for banner and MREC ad types.


For Amazon, you can use only your Amazon Account. You can read more about Network Accounts here

To connect your Amazon account to Appodeal, follow the steps below.

Before the start
  • Make sure you use Appodeal SDK 2.10.3+/ Appodeal Unity plugin 2.14.5+.

  • Make sure BidMachine is enabled in Mediation Settings.

  • Make sure you have a BidMachine Adapter in your project. BidMachine is included in Appodeal SDK by default, make sure you haven't removed it from the project.

  • Make sure you have an Amazon Adapter in your project (Only for iOS platform).

 Step 1. Prepare Amazon account


If you have already created an Amazon publisher services account, skip this step.

  1. In order to create an Amazon account, please submit this form on the Amazon side.

Once it is approved, Amazon will send the invitation link for account creation to your email.


Proceed with step 1 point 2 of the guide only after receiving the link from Amazon.

Ad monetization through Amazon is still in beta. Not all publishers and apps can be approved by Amazon ad network.

  1. Follow the link and click Create your Amazon account.
  1. Fill in all the fields and click Create your Amazon account.
    After that, you should receive a one-time password (OTP) to your email. Enter the OTP and click Create your Amazon account.
  1. Reach out to [email protected] once your Amazon account has been created. We will contact Amazon to provide you with access to S3 credentials (they are required to import reports).

Step 2. Create a new Amazon app

1. Go to the Setup tab and click SET UP under the App & Slot section.

2. Click Add New App.

3. Insert App Market URL, click Find App, check the COPPA agreement and click Add App.

Once you’ve added your app, you will receive the App ID. Your app submission will need to be approved by the APS team before your integration can go live. Please revisit this page to check your app approval status. As your app is getting approved, you can continue with your setup.

 Step 3. Add ad slots to the created app

Once you’ve set up your apps, you will configure your slots to generate SlotUUIDs. Slots (aka ad units) are the ad spaces you define in your app.

  1. Click SETUP under the Actions column to add a new ad slot.
  1. Select Other as a Monetization Service and click Add A Slot.

 At the moment Appodeal supports only two ad types: banner and MREC.

  1. Choose Media Type, Ad Size and Slot Name. Use Recommended Price Points by default and save the ad slot.

It is mandatory to specify device type for banner line items (phone or tablet).

Phone banner - 320x50 ad size

Tablet banner - 720x90 ad size

MREC - 300x250 ad size

4. You can find the App ID and Slot ID (UUID) here. Save them, you will need them later.

  1. Download the Price Points csv files and provide them to [email protected]. We will make the appropriate settings for your apps on the Appodeal end.

 Step 4. Configure Amazon reporting

1. Open a new custom report form and click Create report.

2. Fill out the form as shown below and click Save.

3. Get the report S3 location here. Save it, you will need it later.

4. Go to Account settingsS3 Credentials.

5. Get the S3 Access Key and S3 Secret Access Key. Save them, you will need them later.


Each credential pair will expire every 90 days. When your “active credentials” have less than 30 days remaining, your “next credentials” will be available. Please start using your new credentials (i.e. next credentials) prior to the expiration of your current active credentials.

1. Go to this page and click Amazon.

2. Click on the Link your account button.

3. Fill in the following details (numbers in brackets refer to points in the instructions):

  • Your Amazon account email (1.1)

  • Custom report S3 location (4.3)

  • S3 Access Key & S3 Secret Access Key (4.5)

4. Select the appropriate app on this page, open App Settings and select Mediation Settings.

5. Go to the desired ad type, choose the created Amazon account, click on “+Add Line item” and fill in:

  • Amazon key - your Amazon App ID (2.7)

  • Line item Code - Amazon UUIDs (2.7)

 Step 6. Update app-ads.txt file

Be sure to set up app-ads.txt to help bidders and advertisers identify whether or not ad inventory is being sold by authorized sellers.

1. Go to app-ads.txt Setup tab and click Update for the application.

2. Copy the missing string and update your app-ads.txt file.

Now you can monetize with Amazon through Appodeal.