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IronSource is known to be one of the mobile ad networks with the highest CPM for publishers.

Minimum requirements:

Make sure you haven't excluded IronSource from Appodeal SDK. It is included by default.


For IronSource, you can use either Appodeal Default Account or you can connect your IronSource Account to Appodeal. You can read more about these options here

Appodeal Default Account:

  • You need to full fill the requirements, which you can find in your App Settings -> Mediation Settings -> Line Items in your Appodeal account. 

Your IronSource Account:

  • Complete the steps below to link your IronSource account.

 Step 1. Prepare IronSource account

Visit this page to register a new account with IronSource. 

To connect IronSource to Appodeal you will need the Secret Key.

To get your Secret Key go to the My Account page and open an API tab. There you can find your Secret Key.


At this moment you should already have the key from the previous step.

 Now you need to add its value on the Appodeal side to finish linking your account.

1. Go to the Network Accounts page.

2. Find IronSource in the list of ad networks.

3. Click on the Link your account button.

4. Fill in a secret key and your email address associated with the IronSource account.

5. Hit the Create button.

6. Mark the created account as default by clicking on the Make default button.

Step 3. Create a new IronSource app

  1. You need to add your app if you haven't done so yet. You can do it on this page.

To create a new app you should enter the App URL, choose the app category, and press the Add App button.

Select the required Ad types.

  1. Head to the Payments section on this page. You should fill in your payment and company information. These steps are required in order to get real IronSource ads.
  1. Find your App key in your Dashboard.
Please note

In order to go live you should contact IronSource support as stated on their website and provide them your app's link to the store.

 Step 4. Create line items for your app

  1. Open Mediation settings of the same app in the Appodeal dashboard.

  2. In the Line Items tab of Mediation settings find the IronSource ad network.

  3. Change the account for this network from default to the one you created earlier with this guide.

  4. Enter the App key in the field IronSource App Key and press the Save button.

  1. Then, click on the Add line item button and set it up in the same way as on the screenshot below.

Make sure that the newly created line item is marked as enabled (the toggle is on “ON”).

Step 5. Update app-ads.txt file


Be sure to set up app-ads.txt to help bidders and advertisers identify whether or not ad inventory is being sold by authorized sellers.

  1. If you implemented the app-ads.txt file, you should add the IronSource account line.
    To get one, read the official documentation.
  1. After you have copied the lines from IronSource, you need to insert them after #IronSource line and replace ours (all lines in #IronSource section) with yours.
  1. Save changes and wait at least 24 hours for ad networks to crawl and verify your app-ads.txt file.

Now you can monetize with IronSource through Appodeal.