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Yandex is a large ad network with quality ads.

Minimum requirements:

Make sure you haven't excluded Yandex from Appodeal SDK. It is included by default.


For Yandex you can use only your Yandex Account. You can read more about Network Accounts here.

To connect your Yandex account to Appodeal, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Prepare Yandex account


If you already have a Yandex account, proceed to Step 2.

  1. Create a free Yandex account using this link.

  2. Complete the registration form.

  1. In the What do you want to monetize? section, choose Apps or Both.

  2. Click Register.

Step 2. Create a new Yandex app

Now you need to add the app, which you want to monetize with Yandex Advertising Network.

  1. Go to Ads in apps and click on the Add app button.
  1. Add your app's store URL.

It may take a few days for Yandex to approve your app after adding the store link.

If you haven't published the app yet, click on the My app is not published, choose the platform and add the app name.

  1. Click on the Add button to create your Yandex app.

  2. You will see your Yandex App ID to the right of your app name. Save it, you will need it later.

You can also find your Yandex App ID later on the Ads in apps to the right of your app name.

Step 3. Create ad units on Yandex side

Create the first ad unit for your app.

  1. Choose the ad unit type.

At the moment, Appodeal supports Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded video for Yandex.

  1. Fill in the ad unit name.

  2. Choose the CPM type. There are two ways to set a CPM floor:

  • Auto CPM. Yandex dynamically sets your floors for best ad performance based on all available data.

  • CPMV floor. You can manually set the value of the minimum CPMV for each ad unit. CPMV is a cost of one thousand viewable impressions.


If you want to set the Yandex Minimum CPMV floor, keep in mind that by default Yandex uses RUB, not USD.

Currency can be changed in Yandex Advertising NetworkSettingsCurrency of CPM floors.

  1. Click on the Create ad unit button to save the changes.

You will be able to set up other ad units at Ads in appsApps[Your app name]Create ad unit.

  1. After creating the ad units, go to Ads in appsApps[Your app name], you will see your ad units list. Save your ad units’ codes, you will need them later.

Step 4. Get Yandex OAuth Token to export stats

This token is necessary for importing reports from your Yandex account to the Appodeal dashboard. This is important for effective mediation.

  1. Go to Yandex.OAuth and register a new client.

The steps below are only accessible using our link above ⬆️, or you can copy it here ➡️, do not navigate the Yandex site yourself.

  1. Under the Platforms section select the Web services checkbox and paste the URL:
  2. In the Data access choose pi:all (Use Yandex API partner interface).
  1. After saving the changes you'll see your Client ID, Client Secret and Redirect URL(see the example below).
  1. Now, you can manually get a token for the user. As a user, you can use the same developer account you have used to register your app and apply for access.

To get a token manually, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Yandex with your username.
  • Before going to this page see the warning below.

Replace ID in the link with your ClientID from the step 4.4.

  • On the page that opens, log in to your Yandex account.
  • Yandex.OAuth will redirect you to the page displaying the token. The token will also be added to the URL shown in the address bar.

 Step 5. Set up the AppMetrica app

  1. Go to AppMetrica. Login with your Yandex account.

  2. Add your app. If you have already added your app to AppMetrica, proceed to point 5.6.

  3. Fill in the following data:

  • the app name,
  • choose the app's category,
  • add the store link to your app.
  1. Click Continue.
  1. Choose your Time Zone, accept the data processing conditions and enter your email.
  1. Click Go to Reports.

7. Go to AppMetricaApplications tab and choose the app. In the Settings, you'll see Application ID and API Key (for SDK) in the General settings.

Save Application ID and API Key (for SDK), you will need them later.


After completing all the previous steps, you should have the following data, which is necessary for linking Yandex with Appodeal. Numbers in brackets refer to the corresponding instruction points:

  • Yandex email (1.1);

  • Yandex OAuth token (4.5d);

  • Yandex Advertising Network app ID (2.4);

  • AppMetrica Application ID (5.6);

  • AppMetrica API Key (for SDK) (5.6);

  • Ad units codes (3.5).

  1. Link your Yandex account with Appodeal
  • Follow this link.
  • Go to YandexLink your account.
  • Add your Yandex email and Yandex OAuth token.
  • Click Create.
  1. Link your Yandex App & Create Line Items
  • Select the app you wish to link here.

  • Go to the desired ad type, select the Yandex account you created.

  • Fill in the following data:

    1. PageID with Yandex Advertising Network app ID;
    2. AppMetrica Application ID;
    3. AppMetrica API Key (for SDK).
  • Click Add Line Item and fill in:

    1. The Line Item's label - a name for your ad unit in the Appodeal Dashboard.
    2. Default eCPM - ad unit's start position in the waterfall. In automatic priorities configuration, it will be recalculated later based on your stats.

For Auto CPM ad units, you can set any Default eCPM.

For CPMV floor ad units, set Default eCPM based on the ad unit's CPM threshold on Yandex.

Default eCPM on Appodeal side is in USD but Minimum CPM threshold on Yandex Advertising Network's side is in RUB by default.

For line items to be set up correctly, don't forget to convert RUB to USD or change the currency in the Yandex Advertising NetworkSettingsCurrency of CPM floors.

Code - your Yandex ad unit ID.

Device Type (for banners) - phone or tablet.

  • After creating a line item, save the changes.

 Step 7. Update app-ads.txt file


Be sure to set up app-ads.txt to help bidders and advertisers identify whether or not ad inventory is being sold by authorized sellers.

  1. If you implemented the app-ads.txt file, you should add the Yandex account lines. To get ones, read the official documentation.
  1. Save changes and wait at least 24 hours for ad networks to crawl and verify your app-ads.txt file.

Now you can monetize with Yandex through Appodeal