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Test Appodeal SDK Integration


Only once you get the approvement from our Account Manager that Meta and MMP are connected to your app from the previous step you can start testing your integration.

Before we can launch the campaign, you need to test Appodeal SDK integration in your app.

  1. Launch your app along with the Console/ Logcat open and check the logs by tag Appodeal as written in our guides:
  1. You need to make sure you have completed the following steps :

Below you will see Android logs sample.

  • 2.1 You can see that Appodeal is initialized
D SDK-Public [Appodeal]: initialize Appodeal
D SDK-Public [Initialize]: v*** initialized, appKey: …, package name: …
  • 2.2 Adjust or AppsFlyer is initialized (Depending on the MMP account you are using):
Service [Info]: Adjust - ver. *** initialized
Service [Info]: Appsflyer - ver. *** initialized
  • 2.3 Meta is initialized. If you get any errors, ensure you have fully completed Meta integration.
Service [Info]: FacebookAnalytics - ver. *** initialized
  • 2.4 Make sure you have initialized the required ad types (Rewarded Video/Interstitial/ Banner):
Banner [Initialize]: done
Interstitial [Initialize]: done
RewardedVideo [Initialize]: done
  • 2.5 Do not exclude the ad networks :
Network [Info]: A4g - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Admob - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Admob_native - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Applovin - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Appodeal - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Bidmachine - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Mraid - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Nast - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Notsy - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Unity_ads - ver. ***
Network [Info]: Vast - ver. ***
  • 2.6 You can show all initialized ad types in your app :
Appodeal D Interstitial [Notify Shown]
Appodeal D RewardedVideo [Notify Shown]
Appodeal D Banner [Notify Shown]

Form For Submitting Appodeal SDK Logs:


Send our Accelerator Program Manager [email protected] all those logs in one .txt file, using the below form, for checking with test mode disabled (it is disabled by default).

Best Practices:

  • Do not initialize Appodeal SDK more than once in your app
  • Do not check if you can show Banner as it is an automatically updated ad type, and it will be shown as soon as it is loaded
  • (Unity only!) Do not perform any UI changes (change colors, positions, sizes, texts, and so on) directly in our callback functions. (guide)