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Integrate Appodeal SDK

Once Appodeal SDK is integrated and your app starts serving ads, we can start collecting the relevant ad revenue performance metrics and your app’s retention rate as a part of the evaluation process. 

With Appodeal SDK you get:

  • Access to Appodeal Business Intelligence with extended reports to analyze your soft launch metrics;
  • Access to MMP attribution with data delivered directly to the Appodeal BI;
  • Ads from a whole variety of ad demand sources to generate ad revenue for your app.

Make sure to integrate Appodeal SDK Full Package and do not exclude Meta and Appsflyer adapters.

Choose your framework and start the Appodeal SDK integration process:

Setting Up Monetization With Appodeal

After integrating Appodeal SDK, you need to set up monetization. Adding ads to your app is an essential step for accurate metrics evaluation.


Make sure to integrate these ad types: 

  • Interstitial
  • Rewarded video
  • Banner

Link your Admob account to Appodeal.

Please note

Interstitials shouldn’t be displayed more than once per minute per user as it can negatively affect your retention rate metrics.

Setting Up Meta For UA

In order to be able to run UA campaigns in Meta and analyze metrics in Appodeal BI, you need to integrate Meta using the guides below:

Best Practices For Creating Ad Placements

Balance is key. If you don’t place a sufficient amount of ads, your users’ LTV will not be high enough to recoup the cost of acquisition. Showing ads too frequently, however, can cause some product metrics to drop.


For Interstitial ads, we recommend maintaining intervals of at least 1-2 minutes between impressions per user. After you’ve integrated Appodeal SDK, it’s easy to set up the intervals within the Placement settings on the Appodeal dashboard

As a reference, you can use this list of typical Interstitial placements in gaming apps:

  • At the start of the game
  • Inside the gameplay, like an “ad break”. (Please add a notification window about ads before showing Interstitials) - no more than once in 2 minutes
  • End of round
  • Tapping on an item (non-rewarded, please use Rewarded Video for rewarded placements) - no more than one in 30 seconds
  • Returning from background

You can use some of the placements listed here or any other ones, but note that Interstitials shouldn’t be displayed more often than once per minute per user, as it can negatively affect your retention rate metrics. To avoid this, pay attention to the frequency of Interstitials during your tests.

Also, you can consider adding the MREC ad format to the:

  • Pause menu
  • Score table
  • Dialog menu
  • Settings menu

Here are some good examples of MREC implementations:

You can add regular Banners to any screen in your application. But make sure they don't overlap the content or provoke random clicks. Recommended banner refresh rate: 15 seconds (by default).

We also recommend adding Rewarded Video to reward app users with in-app currency for watching video ads. Implementation and placements depend on app type and monetization strategy, so we recommend reading this article if you want to learn how to use this ad type in your app.