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Run the Soft Launch UA Campaign

Now you should have:

If everything is done we’ll launch the Soft Launch campaign. Campaign is run on our Meta account according to Appodeal standard procedures.

Contact Us

Contact our Accelerator Program Manager [email protected] via email so we can run the Soft Launch.


Appodeal manager will let you know once the campaign is started and once it’s finished. Usually the campaign lasts 5 days, and the results are available 7 days after the campaign finishes.

Appodeal Pays for the Soft Launch Expenses. In each campaign the goal is to get 300 installs. We pay up to 100$ for the first campaign in a Tier 3 country and up to 500$ for the second campaign in the USA (if your metrics qualify for the second campaign). Usually this is enough budget for the 300 installs goal.