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Version: 3.3.1


After adding a new app to Appodeal and integrating the SDK, we recommend testing your app. Here are the tips for successful testing.

Integration Review

Step 1. Prepare Settings On Appodeal Side

Check Mediation Settings

Go to Application Settings → Mediation Settings → Line Items.

Choose the ad type you are interested in and check the network connection.

In the Line Items section, you can see the rules for automatically connecting ad networks. Once you fulfill all the requirements, networks will be connected automatically using the default Appodeal account.


For new applications, a few networks will be connected by default if the Appodeal server receives a request for a certain ad type.

If you see This network will be activated by ad request. Try to request real ads to activate this network using the default Appodeal account.


Make sure you have at least 2-3 enabled networks. If the requirements for automatic network connection are not fulfilled, link a personal account using Networks Setup to have more networks connected.

Make sure the ad units are enabled for the connected networks:

Check Priorities (Waterfall Configuration)

Go to Application settings → Mediation Settings → Priorities, and choose the ad type.

By default, only default priority configuration is enabled for the waterfall, where all ad units from connected networks are placed.
Make sure line items have been added to your current configuration.

If not, add them to the configuration by dragging and dropping ad units from the Unused Line Items list on the left to Automatic Priority.

Step 2. Test Your SDK Integration

Check SDK Integration With Test Ads


Test mode ads have a 100% fill rate, they load almost instantly compared to real ads, which can take some time to load (0-30 seconds depending on the ad type).

  1. Enable Test Mode
  2. Enable SDK Logging
  3. Make sure that all necessary adapters have been integrated into the app.
  4. Run the app and go to all placements where you added ads. Make sure they are loaded and shown successfully.
  5. Open the logs tab and check Appodeal SDK logs. For more information, look through the SDK logging

Requests for test ads are not counted as real requests, however, Appodeal needs at least one real request for automatically activating networks for a certain ad type.

Check SDK Integration With Real Ads

We recommend testing apps using test mode to ensure proper performance with real ads. However, it's necessary to make sure SDK integration is correct and all networks are ready to use before publishing.

  1. Disable test mode by commenting out the method you used to enable it.
  2. Check that Appodeal SDK logging is enabled.
  3. Make sure that all necessary adapters for the networks you plan to use were integrated.
  4. Open your application and initialize SDK to make a request for activating the ad networks. You can see all the activity of our SDK in the logs under the Appodeal tag.
  5. When network setup is ready, run the app again and open the logs console. Make sure there are no errors in the logs. Use SDK logging to analyze Appodeal logs. Go through all placements where you added ads. Make sure they are loaded and shown successfully with no exceptions and errors.

If your app is not published in one of the supported app stores (Google Play, App Store, Amazon), the number of impressions for live ads is restricted to two thousand.

Useful SDK Methods

Enable Test Mode

Using test mode allows you to get our test ad creatives with 100% fillrate.

Should be called before the SDK initialization.

Enable Logging

To enable debug logging, use the code below:

Should be called before the SDK initialization.

Logs will be written in the console using the Appodeal tag.

Available parameters:

  • AppodealLogLevel.None- logs off;
  • AppodealLogLevel.Debug - debug messages;
  • AppodealLogLevel.Verbose - all SDK and ad network messages.

Disable Networks

Should be called before the SDK initialization.

Use constants from AppodealStack.Monetization.Common.AppodealNetworks to choose necessary network.

Disable Networks For Specific Ad Types

To disable networks for the specific ad formats use the following method:

Appodeal.DisableNetwork((string)network, adTypes);
Important Should be called before the SDK initialization.

Test Adapters Integration

This method will take effect only on Android platform

To check integration of the third-party networks, you need to start a test screen by calling the following method.