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Version: 3.3.0

Launching a tROAS campaign in Google Ads

tROAS (target Return On Ad Spend ) is Google's smart bidding strategy that uses auction-time bidding to reach your specified value.

Target ROAS regulates bids to maximize the value of your conversions.

By simply integrating Appodeal SDK in your app, you will be able to send ad revenue data to Firebase and launch a tROAS campaign in Google Ads.

Minimum Requirements

Appodeal SDK 3.0.0+ with Firebase (included by default).

Step 1. Integrate Firebase

Complete all the steps from our Firebase integration guide.

Step 2. Set Up Your Firebase Account


Make sure you have admin access to your Firebase and Google Ads accounts.

  1. You need to link your Firebase project with your Google Adwords account. In order to do so, please go to your Firebase project → Project settings → Integrations → Google Ads → Link→ Choose your Google Ads account
  1. You can use Google Analytics to measure ad revenue generated from displaying ads.

To measure ad revenue, we are logging the custom_ad_impression event whenever your user sees an advertisement in your app.

In Analytics, your most important events are called conversions, and in order to be able to import them

to your Google Adwords in the next step, account you need to mark the custom_ad_impression event as a conversion by going to

your Firebase project → Analytics → Events.


Event reports are available within 24 hours on the Firebase side

  1. For comfortable navigation and observation of event parameters, please complete the next steps only after you receive the custom_ad_impression event on the Firebase side:

Go to Custom Definitions → Create custom dimensions and create the following dimensions:

  • ad_format with ad_format parameter
  • ad_platform with ad_platform parameter
  • ad_source with ad_source parameter

Go to Custom metrics → Create custom metrics and create the following metrics :

  • custom_revenue with currency parameter
  • revenue with value parameter

In 24-48 hours you will be able to observe all created metrics by going to Events → Choose custom_ad_impression event

Step 3. Set Up Your Google Adwords Account

Go to your Google Adwords account → Tools and Settings → Conversions → New Conversions → Import → Google Analytics 4 properties →

App and import first_open and custom_ad_impression conversions.

Now you have set up everything and it is time to create a campaign on Google Ads side.

Check this guide to learn more about tROAS bidding.