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Version: 3.2.1

Event Tracking


Thanks to in-app events, you can track user activity inside your app. You can keep track of events such as registration, passing levels, purchases, etc., as in-app events. The implementation of in-app events is mandatory for all post-install analysis purposes.

Types Of Events

In-app events can be divided into two categories:

  • Basic in-app events are standard in-app events that help you understand user activity inside your app.


  • Rich in-app events are the same as basic in-app events but let you get more detailed information about the event through a number of parameters. You will learn more about them in step 1. Through parameters, you can send additional information about the event. For example, you can not only learn that app was opened but also the exact date and time.


level1_finished (result)
level2_start (time)
app_login (date)

You need to select the events that best suit your application.

  • For better navigation through reports, we recommend using the same event names in your app across all platforms.
  • Create all kinds of events with a maximum number of details that describe user actions in your application.
  • We recommend using only lower-case alpha-numeric characters (a-z and 0-9) for your in-app event names.

Examples (for other apps):


Examples (for games):


Step 1. How To Track In-app Events

Appodeal SDK allows you to send events to the following analytic services using a single method:

// Create map of event parameters if required
val params = mapOf(
"example_param_1" to "value",
"example_param_2" to 123
Appodeal.logEvent(eventName = "appodeal_sdk_test_event", params = params)

Please note

Event parameters can only be strings and numbers, they allow you to send additional information about the event in your app.

Step 2. Configure In-app Events

Some additional steps may be needed on the MMP side to complete events setup.

Appodeal Free Adjust Account

  • If you want to send events to Adjust, contact our support team via email [email protected] or in the live chat and send us the list with event names.

By default, Appodeal SDK sends s2s events to Adjust.

The list of s2s events :

  • dc_cpa_event_d0 - this event includes the ARPU of Day 0 after the app install;
  • dc_cpa_event_d2 - this event includes the ARPU of Day 2 after the app install;
  • dc_cpa_event_d7 - this event includes the ARPU of Day 7 after the app install;
  • dc_cpa_event_d30 - this event includes the ARPU of Day 30 after the app install.

If you want to target those s2s events in your UA campaigns, please contact our support team via email [email protected] or in the live chat so we can connect those events with your Traffic Source.

Own Adjust Account

If you want to send events to Adjust you need to create your events on Adjust side according to this guide and send their tokens to us via email [email protected] or in the live chat:

  • Find your app in the dashboard and select your app options caret (^);

  • Select All Settings > Events;

  • Find the Create New Event label at the bottom of the module and enter your event name;

  • Select Create;

  • Send us the token of each event specifying the event name(you can find the token right next to the event in All Settings > Events);

You also need to create some required SDK events presented below:

Required SDK events:

  • hs_sdk_purchase - in-app purchase was validated successfully;
  • hs_sdk_unknown - unknown event;
  • hs_sdk_purchase_error - in-app purchase wasn't validated, error occurred.

Own AppsFlyer Account

  • No additional steps are required.