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Applovin MAX Connection

If you want to incorporate AppLovin MAX as a mediation within your Appodeal dashboard you need to contact us using using Applovin MAX connection ticket type.

Difference In Segments And Placements Setup

Please note

If you use Applovin MAX as a mediation in Appodeal some of the segment and placement settings temporarily will not work .


  • Will not work:
  1. All segment settings;
  • Continue to operate:
  1. All segment filters;


  • Will not work:
  1. Enable ad type setting
  2. Enable ads setting;
  3. Min price floor setting
  • Continue to operate:
  1. Reward setting
  2. Impression interval setting
  3. Impression per period setting
  4. Impression per session setting
  5. Restrictions at app launch

To make any adjustments to waterfall and to turn on/off ad networks, please contact us using Applovin MAX connection ticket type.